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Sometimes we just need help. When you are hit with a breast cancer diagnosis, the first thing you’ll be tempted to do is jump onto the Internet and look up absolutely everything you can find on the subject, but that’s not necessarily a good idea and here’s why.

Sometimes the information you get is conflicting. Sometimes the information is outdated, and sometimes it’s just a myth!

You will also run into chat groups where people discuss their various journeys with breast cancer and this can often contain information that’ll scare the bejeebers out of you. Who needs that?

It puts you into a bad head space and can put some wrong ideas into your head.

That’s where I can help.

I have been doing this for a long time. I have 20 years of experience in natural medicine. I am delving into the research on breast cancer every single day. I talk with and coach women going through breast cancer every day, and I went through breast cancer myself in 2004 (you can see part of my journey in Breast Cancer Diary).

I also co-led a breast cancer support group for two years. So I know what you’re going through, and I know what things can help you get through this. My clients say that I helped them move forward with a holistic healing plan and feeling better in a lot less time — and with a lot less worry, anxiety and confusion — than it would have taken for them to put together their own plan. That makes all the difference – knowing that you are doing everything you possibly can to get well and stay well helps your peace of mind.

A peaceful mind means a healing body!

“Marnie has been a huge blessing to me as I went down the journey of breast cancer, stage 1 in January, 2012. She provided me with information on good nutrition and exercise during and after treatments.

She helped me realize I had too much refined sugar and breads in my diet. I was HER2 positive, and Marnie let me know specific foods that I should include in my diet.

Marnie is also a member of the “C” Club so you can be comfortable if you need to ask questions or express any concerns. I recently told a friend how much Marnie had given me so much knowledge that I did not have prior to this experience. My friend, knowledge is power and helps you make the best decision in challenging times!”

Cindy C, South Carolina USA

I am currently undergoing treatment for Stage 1 breast cancer (lobular and ductal), post mastectomy and on drug therapy. I have found Marnie’s newsletters and emails to be a Godsend.

She helped me prepare for my surgery and armed me with the tools to avoid infection while in the hospital.

After my surgery I used her juicing advice and have felt an energy and vibrancy like never before, as I kick cancer’s butt. I have also incorporated essential oils into my life to lift my spirits and help in my recovery. Her website has given me a great sense of power, when I thought I was powerless.”

Carol D, Florida USA

My Coaching Offers

I offer 4 different options for coaching.

Silver Package – Nutritional Consultation

If you feel reasonably well resourced and feel you have a good strong protocol in place but just want help optimizing your supplements, food and other nutraceuticals, this is the package for you.

With the Silver Package, I will go over your list of the foods and supplements and any prescriptions you are taking, and I will go over this with you via email.

I spend about 2-3 hours on each nutritional consultation, carefully go over your health issues, and make recommendations for the food, supplements, and nutraceuticals that will help you most.

Silver Package Price: $125.00 USD

Gold Package – One Hour of Coaching via Zoom video

This is the package to choose if you feel you don’t have a good handle on what you need to be doing on a daily basis to help yourself get through your diagnosis and treatments.

This is also a good one to choose if you have finished with your treatments and are wondering what you can do to help keep yourself well and start feeling better. In this one hour consultation you will receive:

1. Recommendations for foods, supplements, superfoods, essential oils and nutraceuticals that will help you to optimize your anticancer regimen;

2. Answers to all of your burning questions surrounding breast cancer (so make sure to have a list!);

3. Guidance about how your thoughts, words and feelings can have an impact on your recovery – your emotional state is so important to your recovery and is often neglected as people tend to focus on the physical. I will show you a variety of methods to help you release stress, negative thoughts, and old belief patterns;

4. A detailed healing plan which will address not only nutrients but other lifestyle alterations you can make to decrease your risk of recurrence (or if you’re well, teach you how to stay that way). Together we will co-create a recovery and wellness plan suited to your very particular needs;

5. Unlimited follow-ups by email (or phone if the need arises) for 90 days.

All coaching sessions are done either by Zoom conference or by Skype at mutually agreed appointment times.

$197.00 USD

Platinum Package – One Hour of Coaching plus Biofrequency Transmission

This package is super special! This includes everything in the silver and gold packages PLUS a 30-40 minute session with me, utilizing a biofrequency device – cutting edge technology!

This device is able to scan your bioenergetic field, detect imbalances in your personal energy field and then send you customized frequencies to help you address those imbalances. All done from my office and delivered to you in your home!

Sounds too incredible to be true, but this device has a quantum sensor inside it (and a lot of other very specialized features) which can help you to revitalize and energize body, mind and spirit in a very holistic way.

$249.00 USD

Premium Coaching Package – For Those Who Just Want a Little More Help

This package includes everything in the Silver, Gold and Platinum packages PLUS after your initial session with me and the provision of a program, we meet on a monthly basis by Zoom video conference, once per month for 3 additional months (for a total of 4 meetings).

This level of coaching is best suited for those who feel they would like to have an accountability partner.

$549.00 USD

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